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Friday, 28-Jul-2006 15:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark

it's supposed to be lemon tart but somehow there's no tart
love for coffee
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there's usually this massive lag time between taking the photos and actually posting them up. but anyhow i reckon this is the shortest lag time so far. =p

enjoy and comment.

i'm going to separate the photos into categories starting off with bakerzin.. one of the best places in malaysia (and singapore) to get exquisite, mouth watering desserts eg. pastries, cakes and all things french and sweet.

I would recommend that people go try out the "tapas" in the form of miniature desserts.. absolutely gorgeous.. the smooth, slightly frothy and creamy texture of the lychee espume with the juicy lychees, the sugary sweetness of the sugar layer on top of the baby smooth vanilla/pistachio creme brulee and the tantalising crisp, flaky, caramelised banana pizza.

just talking about it is making my mouth water !
oh and of course there are other desserts/cakes on display that are just sublime !!

Friday, 28-Jul-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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i love the pictures because they are so colorful.. the colors give the pictures movement and a sense that the occasion was lively, fun, upbeat, loud... you get my drift.

anyway, during my last few days.... in malaysia... i decided that it would be nice to indulge in a session of yummy finger licking crab dinner. and yes... who better to share it with that a group of friends with a like-minded love for it ?

and for those who came but did not love crabs.... we still love you guys... after all there's just more crabs for us to eat.

Friday, 28-Jul-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cina's obssession

why u taking my pic?
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now everytime we got to bestari there is a stray feline lurking amongst the tables, rubbing against the patrons legs, getting free food and terrorising the occasional patron eg. mei.

for some unknown reason, cina has taken a liking.. nay an obsession to this feline. her compulsion is to take dozens of photos of said feline.. whether in the menancing, comfortable, lazy etc position. so yes.. here are some of the photos.

btw cina there are quite a few photos that are really dark and unless someone can help me with the brightening whilst not sacrificing the quality, i'm going to keep them first. =p
of course you are more than welcome to email me if you want the rest of them.

Friday, 28-Jul-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
steamboat at terry's

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let's see... it was really fun to sleep over at terry's place .. wut with the camaderie, the gathering of friends over a table of hot, yummy steamboat fare, the late night snacks, the quick trip hitting the clubs and also.. never forgetting the all important gossip sessions that went on til wee hours in the morning.

what can i say? he's the founder and president of shit stirrer anonymous. and many of us have taken into learning from the master.

oh.. and anyone willing to help me edit the group picture? tried but i'm crap so it turned out really grainy and color distorted.

Sunday, 21-May-2006 10:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ice bar - minus 5 degrees

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i've been actually quite excited to put these pictures up.
i mean considering that it is an awfully cool experience (pun intended)

so anyhow... my smart sister mentioned about this really happening ice bar that popped up in sydney.. near the opera house. the land that never snows by the way... or hardly anyhow.. =p
so of course all of us were really enthusiatic and we were practically bouncing off the walls thinking about a bar that is made entirely out of ice from the tables to walls to stools and sculptures and the cups which they serve the alcohol in. and it's cocktails with a variety of absolut vodkas.

but it was amazin !! definitely an experience that i don't mind repeating. although i must say that the downside was that the place was smaller than i expected. but let's let the pictures tell the story.

and although i've heard sean mention many many times that wisconsin is like - 20 degrees or less for the most part of winter; being in the bar surrounded by ice and only a mere -12 degrees... it was still surreal.. and freezingly cold.
definitely could feel the pain nerves in my fingers working after awhile.

and it was hard to take photos.. .. cos the buttons in my camera was small and my fingers felt really clumsy from the cold and from the bulky gloves that we were wearing.
but of cos it didn't stop us from trying.

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